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  • The Sword Never Sleeps: The Knights of Myth Drannor, Book III

    By Ed Greenwood

    A vintage, Lieber-esque sword and sorcery adventure!

    A cry for heroes went out from the dominion of Cormyr whilst treachery threatened to convey her low, and the Knights of fable Drannor spoke back that decision. incomes compliment from the Crown itself for his or her efforts, the Knights earned the identify of adventurers. yet to save lots of Cormyr, they have to develop into greater than mere adventurers. The Knights needs to develop into heroes.

    The Sword by no means Sleeps is the epic end to the vintage adventures of Forgotten Realms® global author Ed Greenwood's so much liked characters, the Knights of fable Drannor.
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  • Elminster's Daughter (Forgotten Realms: The Elminster Series, Book 5)

    By Ed Greenwood

    Elminster's Daughter happens many years after Elminster in Hell (and is additionally a sequel to loss of life of the Dragon). a comparatively light-hearted booklet compared to the extra violent Elminster in Hell, it focuses totally on the lifetime of certainly one of Elminster's kids, Narnra Shalace.

    Narnra leads the lifetime of a loner thief in Waterdeep, with out one to depend upon yet herself. Following an previous guy via an alleyway and right into a portal, she emerges in Marsember. The outdated guy she follows is none except Elminster. due to her interest, Narnra fast unearths herself concerned not just within the intrigues of the Cormyrean state, but additionally with Elminster, who seems to be her father, whom she hasn't ever identified.
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  • Unholy: Haunted Lands, Book III (The Haunted Lands)

    By Richard Lee Byers

    Subscribe to heroes combating the undead hordes!

    a strong undead sorcerer reigns in Thay over a nervous humans and hordes of undead. The mageocracy in exile, masters of not more than their overwhelmed military, watch from far away shorelines because the new King of Thay prepares a superb magical ritual--a ritual they can't let him to carry to completion.

    the realization of The Haunted Lands sequence, the occasions in Unholy could have super effect at the Forgotten Realms(R) international.
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  • Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement

    By Bruce R. Cordell, Eytan Bernstein, Brian R. James

    All concerning the so much frightening monsters of D&D(R)--the strolling dead!

    The sourcebook presents information regarding undead origins, strategies, myths, lairs, behaviors, and extra. additionally, this booklet presents problematic lair entries (including tactical encounters) for undead at every one tier of play. large tale and crusade parts in Open Grave provide DMs ready-to-play fabric than may be simply included right into a video game, comparable to undead templates and tool substitutions, event hooks and quests, and information for detailed undead resembling Acererak and Vecna.

    Open Grave: secrets and techniques of the Undead depicts a bunch of recent undead, together with new kinds of zombies, wraiths, skeletons, ghouls, and vampires. Open Grave additionally introduces numerous thoroughly new kinds of undead, resembling moongaunts, forsaken shells, and demise oozes, to call quite a few.
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  • City of Splendors: Waterdeep (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Supplement)

    By Eric L. Boyd

    The first in-depth examine Waterdeep, the shining jewel of the Forgotten nation-states environment, in lots of years.

    City of Splendors: Waterdeep
    offers an in-depth exam of the great
    city of Waterdeep within the Forgotten nation-states setting. an outline of the
    city comprises heritage, a who’s who, details on legislation, and ideas for working and taking part in in a Waterdhavian crusade. details at the humans of Waterdeep covers non-player characters, arcane colleges, militia, guilds, the Aristocracy, status periods particular to the town, and extra. additionally incorporated within the publication are discussions of particular Waterdeep locales, event locales, and new monsters. an in depth appendix offers details on new apparatus, magic goods, psionic powers, poisons, spells, and more.

    ERIC BOYD is a software program developer who has written commonly concerning the Forgotten geographical regions setting for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. His most modern credit contain Lost Empires of Faerûn™, Faiths & Pantheons™, Races of Faerûn™, and Serpent Kingdoms™.
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  • Brimstone Angels (Forgotten Realms)

    By Erin M. Evans

    Praise for Erin M. Evans’s first publication, The God Catcher:
    “Extremely interesting, The God Catcher was once a very good shock for me. Evans' fluent sort glues this ebook within the reader's palms. With an action-packed tale and brilliant characters, it quick turns into a page-turner.” –Speculative e-book Review

    [The tale] flowed splendidly and it was once fast moving and exciting.  . . . each subplot or aspect tale all appeared traditional and becoming. . . .I enjoyed the characters. every thing was once defined good adequate to offer you a concept and it allowed to your mind's eye to create the rest. It’s as shiny and as summary as you could get, all because of the descriptions.  –Read among the Lines

    “Under Evans’ pen, the town of Waterdeep rather involves lifestyles at the web page; filled with every little thing urban has to be a thriving domestic for a good tale. . . . Evans proves to be a little a grasp at laying the seeds for one plot after which having it become anything else while you’re now not waiting for it (even although it finally ends up having a look love it used to be going that manner the complete time).”—Graeme’s myth publication Review


    Rejected at beginning and raised in a village of tiefling misfits, Farideh expects a existence with out associates, love, or regulate over her future. Then she makes a pact with a satan named Lorcan, and every little thing changes.
    Lorcan gives you all she ever dreamed of and asks for not anything in go back. Her dual sister Havilar urges Farideh to withstand the devil’s sway. yet Farideh’s now not so certain. Lorcan will be harmful however the strength he deals is exhilarating.

    In the ruins of Neverwinter, Farideh’s doubts get twisted up in a devilish snare six layers deep. A succubus taking part in human pawns opposed to an otherworldly foe sees the twins as hindrances in her direction. And Lorcan’s sizeable sisters have their eyes at the city—and on Farideh. There’s no time to query her pact with Lorcan—it will take each ounce of Farideh’s newfound powers to get out of Neverwinter alive.

    Read extra:
    If you're looking for extra from Erin M. Evans, look for “The God Catcher” her debut novel a couple of lady who could be a dragon—or who could be criminally insane.
    If you're looking for extra kickass heroines, look for “Gauntlgrym” through R.A. Salvatore, that includes the desirable and robust Dahlia Sin’Felle who squares off opposed to the mythical Drizzt Do’Urden.
    If you're looking for extra epic myth sequence, look for “Homeland” through R.A. Salvatore, the 1st publication within the epic Legend of Drizzt.
    If you're looking for extra sword and sorcery, look for “Sword of the Gods” through Bruce R. Cordell, the tale of an angel given mortal flesh to behave as an murderer for gods who now not exist.
     If you're looking for extra tales set within the Forgotten geographical regions, look for “Twilight Falling” by means of Paul Kemp, approximately Erevis Cale, an murderer with a conscience.
    For extra approximately Erin M. Evans, visit
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  • Spider and Stone

    By Jaleigh Johnson

    Lolth—patron deity of the drow, Spider Queen, regent of the Demon internet Pits—has once more stirred the darkish elves into roiling aggression opposed to the remainder of Faerûn, reveling within the chaos born from her darkish schemata. this is often the increase of the Underdark.
    In Iltkazar, the final subterranean country of the as soon as resplendent dwarven realm of Shanatar, King Mith Barak faces a siege of drow infantrymen, spies, and assassins trying to grab the robust urban and the traditional magical artifacts hidden there.  someplace within the urban, the Arcane Script Sphere—a mystical orb touched via Mystra, the long-dead goddess magic—calls out to heroes and adventurers, beckoning with whispers of strength and information. Mith Barak hears it and is familiar with he can't carry the artifact for much longer, yet fears what the drow might do with it.
    Enter Icelin, Ruen, and Sull, Waterdavian wanders whose wish to comprehend their very own spellscars units them looking for Mystran mysteries—they desire to appreciate magic and hence comprehend its plague. As they circulate from city to city, urban to urban looking for wisdom, Icelin hears the siren name of the Arcane Script Sphere, and it attracts the trio deep into rocks of the Underdark the place they locate themselves on the heart of the fight among the dwarves and drow.
    Only King Mith Barak can begin them into the mysteries they wish to light up. yet first they have to support him with a secret of his own—a darkish elf murderer, himself a seeker of the sector, lies in Iltkazar’s dungeons shrouded within the secret and magic of Lolth. Icelin could be the single to work out previous that shroud and make sure the genuine objective of the Spider Queen’s schemes. 
    As the darkish elves accentuate their assaults, the trio realizes their quest for wisdom has taken them right into a new and hazardous realm . . . a realm dictated by means of the whims of spider and stone.
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  • Fire in the Blood (Forgotten Realms)

    By Erin M. Evans

    SCRIBE- award-winning writer, Erin M. Evans, maintains the riveting story of her Sundering personality, Farideh, as she turns into embroiled in a Forgotten Realms-flavored online game of thrones. 
    In an instantaneous follow-up to the 3rd booklet within the Sundering sequence, The Adversary, younger warlock Farideh falls into the midst of a conflict for the throne of Cormyr. because the warfare as a result of the Sundering rages throughout Faerûn, princes and princesses, wizards and rogues scheme to trap the seat of strength of the Land of the pink Dragon—with Farideh and her allies stuck squarely within the center.
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